Hunt Trophy Mule Deer, Elk, Cougar, Bear & Sheep in southeastern Utah
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Sunrise specializes in mountain lion hunts with hound pursuits. We have approximately an 80% success rate for cougar. We can provide many references from cougar hunts over the last ten years.

Cougar Season is on a quota basis. All tags are bought over the counter, the season begins in mid-December and continues until the quota has been filled.

A reference statement from Bill Krenz of Bowhunter Magazine:
"It's not easy to pick an outfitter for a once in lifetime mountain lion hunt. There are hundreds to choose from, scattered all across the western United States. And every one claims to catch big lions on a very regular basis. The best way I can think of to help you cut through all the hype is to suggest that you look closely at Lloyd Nielson of Sunrise Outfitting in Blanding Utah. Lloyd's been hunting and catching lions in Southeast Utah for over twenty years. He knows the area like the back of his hand and seems to know what the lions will do even before they do. Another huge plus is that Lloyd enjoys great success running lions with or without snow, so a lion hunt with Lloyd isn't as weather dependant as it is with so many other outfitters who seem to live and die on whether or not it's snowed lately. To top everything off, Lloyd is so confident that he's willing to offer you a second hunt at half price if he doesn't provide you with a good lion the first time around. A spectacular area, great dogs, twenty years of experience, an easy going personality, and a long track record of lion catching success makes Lloyd Nielson an outfitter you can trust to provide the type of hunt and lion you want. I shot a great lion and had a great time with Lloyd Nielson."

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